two woman sitting together discussing a design project

How To Be a Good Client, Part 1

Small business owners: have your clients ever done something that made you want to pull your hair out?

Clients: Please know we just get frustrated sometimes because we want the best for your project.

Here are 8 things clients should & should not do while working with their chosen designer:

DO research on your designer!

Each designer offers different products, styles & services. Reach out for a consultation or visit their portfolio site to get more information before you decide to pay someone for their time & services.

DO NOT be afraid to ask questions!

Just like designers won’t know the odds & ends of your job – you’re not expected to know ours! Please ask if you need clarification on a term or a process that we are using. We would be happy to assist you.

DO NOT share prices with other potential clients!

Every client is unique & needs different services that may not match up with yours. If a company were to quote your referral a different number than what you told them—it can throw them off or even lose the client! This is detrimental to small businesses. 

DO NOT squish, stretch, or otherwise alter project deliverables!

Distorting anything designed for you ruins the integrity of the design. This means adding filters, rotating, squishing, stretching, or any altering! If you don’t like what a designer or photographer has done, you can instead simply ask them to change what you don’t like. We want to help!

DO NOT share draft designs on social media or with unnecessary eyes!

Draft designs or concepts are not finished products & should not be shared with anyone who isn’t on the project! Please verify with the designer if you are able to share with anyone outside of the project scope.

DO NOT communicate in an unprofessional manner or be unkind to your designer! 

Please treat others the way you’d like to be treated! Compassion & empathy go a long way in the creative service field. After all, your designer is a person. Uncontrollable things happen sometimes. As long as your designer is prompt to speak with you about a late deadline, please don’t give them a hard time. It will make things worse!


Freelancers have flexible schedules, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have lives! If you have a project that is due soon, please give your designer enough time to be able to design! Making small, unnecessary requests like resizing in small increments, restarting the entire design because you can’t decide what’s wrong, or going back & forth between similar concepts & variations will upset the project deadline. Please trust our judgment, we only want what’s best for you!

DO NOT micromanage your designer!

Please give your designer time to get together what they need to present to you. Asking them several times over a short period will frustrate them. They may have other clients or personal matters tied into the scope of your project. Sit back & relax – your designer has everything under control!

Happy Designing!

Written by Kelly Snyder

Jun 27, 2023