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Who We Work With: The Clients of Mae Creative

Have you been wondering who we love to work with? We want to share a little bit about the types of clients we’re passionate about working with (and who we won’t work with). If you’re still on the fence about whether Mae Creative is the perfect fit for your brand design and marketing needs, this blog is for you!

Every brand design agency has a target client; that elusive ‘perfect fit’ client who checks every box. Here at Mae Creative, we’re no exception to that rule. Of course, we love to work with a diverse array of clients beyond the scope of that ideal–it gives us the opportunity to get creative and think outside the box. But we want to share a bit about our client demographics so that you can understand our values and what sparks our passion!

Who We Don’t Work With

First, let’s talk about the kinds of clients we won’t work with. While we love the variety of businesses that reach out to us, there are certain types of clients that simply aren’t a good fit.

When it comes to big businesses, we’re selective about the brands we choose to work with. We evaluate large corporate brands and major chains on a careful case-by-case basis to ensure that we are the right fit for their needs. If we determine that your company is not the right fit, we’re happy to refer you to a talented agency or designer within our network who will be a good fit–we want you to work with someone who is passionate about your business and has the right skill set to meet your needs.

There are exceptions to most rules, and with the examples above, we still encourage you to reach out! For the right client, we’re willing to break our own rule. But there are certain clients we won’t make an exception for.

Mae Creative is an agency that values diversity, inclusivity, and passion. While we’re all in business to make a living, we aren’t interested in partnering with businesses that only care about profits. We want to work with brands that are passionate about what they do, especially if they focus on helping others. If your values do not align with ours in this area, we are not open to aligning ourselves with you. We wish you the best of luck in your search for a brand designer, but we know that our agency would not be a good fit for you!

Businesses We Love to Support

Now let’s talk about the types of businesses we love to work with! We’re always open to working with businesses we haven’t considered. But there are certain types of businesses we already know are a good fit for our agency, and we are always seeking them out.


Okay, we won’t lie–creatives are our favorites. We just love working with fellow creatives who get it. Creative businesses always have a unique vision for their branding, and we love the collaboration that comes with their projects. Plus, as a creative business ourselves, we’re just extra passionate about uplifting other creatives!

Handmade businesses take up a large portion of this demographic. It’s always fun to cheer them on even after our branding projects are finished! We also love working on brand design for tattoo shops, streamers, and anyone else whose business thrives in creativity.

Local Businesses

We are obsessed with supporting local businesses, and that has filtered down into the types of clients we work with. Mom & Pop shops are a great example of this. We get excited any time we are approached by a family-owned and operated business! If your local business also has a modern style or a fun atmosphere, that just adds to our excitement. 

We mentioned above that we don’t typically work with large chains. However, if your business is a smaller local chain–especially a restaurant–we would love to support you! 

Online Businesses

Does your business exist primarily online? Online businesses are one of our larger demographics of clientele; since we all work virtually, it’s easy for us to communicate and work around each other’s schedules! This applies to both product-based and service-based businesses. If you’re reaching your clients online, we’ll be a great fit!

Who We’re Dying to Work With

Every service-based business has that one dream client they’re dying to work with. For Mae Creative, that’s a major sports team! We would be so thrilled to support a collegiate, regional, or national sports team through a rebrand or marketing campaign. We’re crossing our fingers and working hard to make the right connections!

Still Not Sure If We’re the Right Fit for You?

If you still find yourself wondering whether Mae Creative is the right brand design agency for your business’ design needs, reach out to us! We are always happy to schedule a meeting to talk about your business, your brand, and whether we’re the right design agency for you. And if we decide that we’re not the right fit, we would love to refer you to another designer we know and trust to give you the experience you deserve!

Jun 26, 2023